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VPS Avenger skin Dark Avenger

Skin for VPS Avenger by MMS

VPS Avenger skin Dark Avenger has an average user rating of 4.67 from 3 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for VPS Avenger skin Dark Avenger

Reviewed By Razzia [read all by] on 22nd August 2019
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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Not too different from the original skin, which is a plus in my opinion. Just a bit more pleasing to look at and slightly less cluttered. As far as I've seen, it doesn't lag the UI's open and close times like some factory skins occasionally do for me. Worth the $8 if you use Avenger a lot.

Reviewed By exmatproton [read all by] on 21st August 2019
Version reviewed: 1.4.10 on Windows.
Last edited by exmatproton on 21st August 2019.
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I bought this Dark Avenger skin a couple of days ago and i thought it was kind of weird that no one wrote something about it in the review section.

I love dark skins, because i usually work in the (late) evening and night on sounds. Although i am not a fan of the layout of Avenger itself, it is a very capable synth and i therefor use it quite a lot.

Since Avenger doesn't come with a nice dark skin "out-of-the-box", i was pleasantly surprised to see that Stefken made this beautiful Dark skin.

From the dark grey background, to the lovely cyan (with purple MOD rings) highlights; it just works perfectly for my late hour music-shifts.

There are a couple of things i would like to see different though;

The green waveform display doesn't really match the rest of the theme. Also, i am not a big fan of the orange as a highlight for the tabs. I would rather see a lighter grey/cyan waveform display and light blue/grey/cyan tabs. Also, there are some minor alignment bugs, like the selection boxes in the LFO section. But these are truly minor and since the artist is truly involved on the forum and quite fast in tackling these, i believe these small will get patched fast.

Still, overall, this is the best Dark skin for Avenger as of yet for me and i use it with great pleasure. And for only 7 dollars it is a no brainer if you want/need a nice, smooth and complete Dark Avenger.

*4 stars because of the great contrast (for my taste), darkness and no major weird bugs. But not 5 stars because of the color scheme.

Reviewed By phreaque [read all by] on 21st August 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by phreaque on 21st August 2019.
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Aside from the good support and instant action form the developer.

The skin theme is very suitable for my eyes and it really helps to enhance the workflow.

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