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Wotja 21

Generative Music Lab Plugin by Intermorphic

Comments & Discussion for Intermorphic Wotja 21

Discussion: Active
17 March 2021 at 7:02pm

From the EULA (7.A.i, Permitted Use/Recordings):

"Recordings made with a 'Play' or 'Lite' Feature Set active at the time of recording may be used only for Personal Non-Commercial Use;".

18 March 2021 at 7:27am

Yes, that is indeed correct for the free (Lite) version. The Pro version allows Commercial Use of Recordings, as well as having no timeouts, 12 track editing, multi-channel MIDI I/O etc.

18 March 2021 at 9:47am

Wotja 21.5.1 changes - about to be submitted for app review:

IMPROVED: The AUv3 now saves and restores state.
- the AUv3 saves the Mix or User album/playlist file name and latest data; when you restore the DAW project data, the mix / album / playlist (if any) is auto re-opened; but applying / using whatever data you last edited up to even if you hadn't saved your document.
- if your original document is no longer available, the data is copied to clipboard (so you can import it) and an alert is shown telling you what to do.

FIXED AUv3 (AUM, Logic etc.) properly set Tempo on opening mix to match DAW.

FIXED: macOS AUv3 window resizing now works nicely in Logic Pro.

IMPROVED: Settings -> Templates - added preview of the templates in this screen.

IMPROVED: Table scrollbar colour changes dynamically when colour scheme changes; no need to restart.

IMPROVED: TTM seed template changes, and Wotja Play Me mix changes.

19 March 2021 at 9:44am

Wotja 21.5.1 is now live.

Best wishes, Pete.

10 May 2021 at 1:41pm

Hi folks,

May 7th 2021: 21.7.0 (Major Update) [11th V21 update!]

Heads up: We aim to update the User Guide soon and to add some tutorials and videos (see the R2XL video).

New stuff in this release:

NEW for ISE: Reverb 2XL FX unit (R2XL) - this awesome FX unit can also be combined with the new Pitch Shifter FX unit (below) for a Shimmer reverb effect; CPU intensive (not available in Synth Network mode; use as a Cell FX, Track FX, or Mix FX)

NEW for ISE: Pitch Shifter FX unit - used to shift the pitch of audio signal by +/- 12 semitones; CPU intensive (not available in Synth Network)

NEW for ISE: Feedback option for Junction inputs; used in the Shimmer FX presets

NEW Content: "Ambience" FX Presets - a whole bunch of fabulous new FX presets, some of which use the new R2XL and Pitch Shifter units

NEW Content: Flow Randomization Schemes now use the new FX

NEW for System: Mix FX Override setting (default Off) - with 5 presets and a custom (Pro) option this setting allows a user to override the Mix FX that is applied in a Randomization Scheme (i.e. when playing Flows or creating auto-mixes/boxes); the setting is located in the "Flow / Randomization Scheme Behaviour" group at the top of Settings – Audio MIDI+

Best wishes,

Pete and Tim - Intermorphic.

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