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Wsp Deluxe 2

Wsp Deluxe 2 has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Wsp Deluxe 2

Reviewed By Megawattt [read all by] on May 26th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Megawattt on 26th May 2022.

Infected Sounds WSP Deluxe 2 was an instant buy, the bargain price was an attraction but i bought it mainly because the gui reminded me a little of Synapse Audio's famous WaspXT synth which brought back happy memories, i use Orion as my DAW which has WaspXT hard coded in but i wanted to compare the two synths, after some testing it is clear that they are the same beast with slightly different personalities, WSP Deluxe 2 has a nice set of onboard effects which makes it more versatile for sound creation than WaspXT, although in comparison WaspXT's Oscillators and Filters have got a tiny bit more "punch" than WSP Deluxe 2, WSP Deluxe 2 hard sync feature on the two main oscillators and also the sub oscillator ensures that a sound will "chop" through the mix. A generous library (384+ sounds) is included with this plugin but being a basshead the important thing for me is how far south can WSP Deluxe 2 fly when it comes to the bassline department, after some experimentation the answer is DEEP SOUTH! WSP Deluxe 2 might appeal to non-Orion DAW users who would like a hint of that Waspy essence in their tunes, for $17.50 (Just under £14.00) you cannot go wrong, for sonic range and affordability it's 5 stars from me, i really like this one.

Comments & Discussion for Infected-Sounds Wsp Deluxe 2

Discussion: Active
12 February 2021 at 7:04pm

3 OSC and 2 OSC + 1 SUB OSC...is that the only difference between WS Deluxe and Syn Deluxe?
I still don't understand the concept of Infected Sounds. Again and again releasing different looking synths with mostly the same features.
Some synths cost money, some cost little money, some are free.. although they hardly differ.
And always no description, only a feature list. No words about the creators intentions or what purpose the synth is ideal for.
It seems as if both, the synths and the subscriptions, were made by a synth-and-synthdescription-generator-software. :D.

7 October 2021 at 9:28pm

Sry we have updated all synths like x100 now. And mutch more coming on now. We r taking this to a new level now :).

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