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Reviewed By kostagem [read all by] on 19th December 2006
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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I'll agree with the previous reviewers that this electric piano vst definately sounds good. The fact that it does not use samples makes a big difference in the sound, especially in dynamic playing.

The user interface is very straightforward, all the knobs are there, easy to be tweaked and the features are generous, more than the actual Rhodes, and this definately helps to make it sound "just right". Just quickly adjust the knobs while you hit a key and it's most probably that you'll be able to get the Rhodes sound you want.

I have not much to say about documentation or presets. There aren't any, but I doubt anybody would want them anyway. Well, maybe a little 2-3 page manual would be nice, to explain to the uninitiated what each knob is supposed to do (or emulate).

I never needed customer support but I think the developer reserves this for those who make donations. MrRay 73 is donationware (it pops just a little reminder cover for a few seconds) but still is an excellent value for money. It sure sounds better than some commercial ones for which you would pay lots of money.

I took off a point from the stability rating because the cpu load is somehow big in slow machines, but nothing extraordinary.

Summing up with two words: highly recommended