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Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 3rd September 2020
Version reviewed: 10.12.6 on Mac
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I don't know where to begin, i don't know if this brand is evil or genuis !
they done a real good cheeze machine pro 2 ! and they release a few other fx/synth.
their synths are not new revolution analog sounding 1:1 but different and very easy to use.
I was not really happy with the vinyl emulation, but they do it ! all their synth and fx are GREAT.
their prices are great and their instrument sound great.
it deserve proudly 5 stars.

TRY it then you'll buy it .

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 13th July 2020
Version reviewed: Last on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 13th July 2020.
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This is a simple arp. It does the work really good and it is stable.

i use this plugin under reaper v6.

before i buy it, i send a mail to the dev in order to know if he was still around and he reply to me .

i recommand to buy this plugin, it is a must have regarding the price and the work it do.

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 29th February 2020
Version reviewed: pro on Mac
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For the price of 15 $ it is amazing !
It sound good, this plugin is a gem.
It sound very good and it is stable.
Try it to need it .

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 30th December 2019
Version reviewed: last on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 30th December 2019.
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I just don't where to begin, everyone know what is a de-esser.
I have a lot : waves renaissance de-esser, waves classic de-esser, nomad factory, cubase stock plugin...And maybe a few other i forgot.
when i saw the price of the Pro-Ds i have shocked, who can ask so much for a simple de-esser ?
Then i have the opportunity to acquire the full fabfilter bundle. each plugin one by one. the first one was ONE, it was my first synth, i learn a lot with it.
Then a few days ago i have try the fabfilter de-esser and i understood why it cost so much !
it is VERY use to use, i have a work with other de-esser brand and i 'd never reach what the fabfilter can do !
It took me 20 seconds, no manual, no tutorial, just insert and listen, press the audition button to adjust the correction and IT S DONE, IT DO THE WORK PERFECTLY, the sound is clean and transparent !!!
I can only recommend to download the demo and try it.There is nothing else to say about this plugin.
P-E-R-F-E-C-T !
If a V2 comes i don't know what they could add to it...If a V2 comes i don't know what they could add to it...it's very disturbing for me to realize the tool i need and i'd searched during all these years was just here.Do yourself a favor, buy the complete bundle during a sale, don't wait about another magic plugin because i think no one will be able to do better.

5/5 for the ENTIRE BUNDLE.
These plugin change my vision and my way to approach sound design and mix.

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 5th November 2019
Version reviewed: 2 on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 6th November 2019.
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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !
imagine your sound and do it !!
If you like modular synth (vst or hardware) you will love Falcon, every part of this synth sound very good and the build in fx are really good ! (sparkverb, thorus... !)
I own a lot of very good synth (spire, avenger, modular, voltage, serum, pigments, monoment, msoundfactory, Xils, Zone, Linplug complete ....) and i was expecting a lot from falcon...but it do the work perfectly.


CONS : ....why don't you already have it ?


Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 23rd January 2019
Version reviewed: latest on Mac.
Last edited by hivkorn on 23rd January 2019.
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I have Spire for a while now, I have been sleeping for quite some time.

The installation was done without problems.

It is stable and does not crash Cubase Pro 9.5. CPU consumption is correct.

Recently, I started to work on a project that is close to my heart for several years and I reviewed all the synths I have in order to find THE sound I wanted, I stopped on Spire, I do not know by what miracle, he has the punch and sounds really REALLY good.

I have several hardware synths, I thought working on this project with the minibrute arturia, but in fact I think I'll record all this project with Spire.

This synth is well known musicians and he deserves it greatly.

The sound is incisive and powerful, its effects are good qualities.

I imagine that it can cover all kinds of electronic music.

It's a synth to have, each EDM musician must have it.


Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 5th October 2018
Version reviewed: 10.12.6 on Mac
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yesterday i purchase the upgrade for 29$...

Yesterday i install the plugin on Imac, everything was perfecr (+ilok).
Cubase recognise the plugin without a problem, /
i have play with it during 1 or 2 hours, i don't know the hardware, but i like the plugin .

this is a 'do for all' reverb, it does really a nice work on the track.

i don't see nothing bad to tell about it, i have vallahla, Lexicon, audio damage, softube, Ikm CSR and all the eventide other plugins.

i quiclky try it on the song i ' m working on the result is not better or worse, it's different .

This one is good and 29 $ is a no brain deal.

don't miss the intro deal .

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 13th July 2018
Version reviewed: last on Mac.
Last edited by Ben [KVR] on 9th August 2018.
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the first time I've load this plugins on a track, I was disappointed .was clean, too much clean, I start to believe that I made a mistake, I regret to buy it...Then I go back to my good old loved tsar 1 & Audio Damage reverb, until a day that none of the reverb I own and know fit to my need. I remember I have VR, I load it, tweak it and BOOM! Magic! it does what I expect, I remember I bunch of mysong project and replace TSAR 1 with VR, it do it again! It quickly become my favorite reverb, then problems come... I had to sell it, I miss it a lot! finally I was able to buy it again and keep it forever.

The reverb is magic when you know how to use it and adjust it to your need.

I own TSAR 1, NF Blueverb and 80, Audio Damage verb, Waves reverb, Vengeance sound reverb .they are different and very good, but none of all this reverb is clean like Vroom.

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 9th May 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac
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Creative Collection : Corrosion / Dipole / Dispersion / Droplet / Emission / Eternal / Malfunction

Corrosion : a very good distortion, i love to use the hard clip with extreme settings to simulate on overload.It can be subtle or very aggressive. no scams, no placebo knobs, THE sound is here to crush yours tracks !
=======================>4.5 / 5

Dipole : Dipole is a through-zero flanger effect ...everything is said. sound and efficiency are here. No subtle, you have a 'IN YOUR FACE' flanger with character.
=======================>4.5 / 5

Dispersion : Dispersion is bouncing ball delay, it is the first time i have a boucing ball delay, the GUI is simple enough to understand the process without manual, i really like the modulation on this one, you can create insane feedback or unusual delay line, I love tho be able to expand the stereo deepness of the processed sound.
You can achieve the same thing with other plugin like BC Late, Echoboy.... but Dispersion is just simpler to use.The sound is great.
=======================>4.5 / 5

Droplet : Droplet is a plugin for modeling "raindrop delay" effects.
Here we are ! I think droplet is the best plugins from Sinevibes, droplet is simple to use, it generate a rain of little sound drop, amazing ! wonderfull ! You can obtain something subtle or something more present. The blue spot on the top of the plugin, is, I think, the best way to describe the plugins, imagine a little rain while the the sun is rising, each drop reflecting the light....This is maybe my favorite plugin since a long long time.
=======================>5 / 5

Emission : Emission is a special processor for creating unreal, out-of-this-world space effects.
Here we go again ! A killer plugin ! an unique reverb, i 've never try a plugin who make me feel that i 'm playing with modular fx hardware like this one ! this reverb have a character and each parameters are audible on the sound when you tweak it.My new favorite reverb.
=======================>5 / 5

Eternal : Eternal is a barber-pole flanger effect.
A different flanger, the interface is easy to understand, each parameter have a direct impact on the sound. It sound good, i love the fact I can expand the stereo.Easy to use and efficient.
=======================>4.5 / 5

Malfunction : Malfunction is a "circuit-bent" filter - a filter with intentionally broken connections and erroneous math that produces very special, hissy and screaming distortion.
Everything is said. If you want to destroy your children's piano toy. This plugin make me feel like i have tweak electronic instruments, nothing left to say on this one....
=======================>4.5 / 5

+ : The GUI and the sound make me feel like i play with hardware modular fx unit.
- : The bad point is there is no VST version and windows version, to use these plugins with cubase i use Blue Cat Axiom.

I'd really like Sinevibes make a rack when we would be able to use and modulate each parameters of the desired FX.
The only thing who come to my mind about these plugins is : " WOW ! "

You can download the demo on their website to try by yourself.

Reviewed By hivkorn [read all by] on 2nd November 2017
Version reviewed: 10.12 on Mac
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This bundle contains 3 pedals : Distortion, overdrive and fuzz.

i've purchased the bundle during a promo wich was a low price and i have downloaded the free gate from the same dev.

the first thing who came to my mind was : " HOOOOOO ! amazing ! "

Yep, insert a the distortion pedal and load vermillon, it rock!!!

I try it with a 7 strings ibanez and it is heavy !!!

I think these pedals are the best on the market at this moment.

They proudly deserve a 10 .