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Reviewed By amiga909 [read all by] on November 6th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
X-Orcism is a kind of multi effect featuring a stylish halloween nightmare design. At the first view it looks good!

The six knobs (made of evil pumpkins) look and feel nice. The plugins layout is not quite compact, much screen space is lost with graphic/text. On the other hand this is nothing to seriously complain about a free plugin, I guess.

Overall sound is very good. Has that smell of high quality, pristine clear audio and the joy of surprise. Who would have thought about a Halloween FX, that actually does really produce something like nightmare sounds?

Its hard to classify a type of sound, as it is for sure not limited to halloween voice applications. SSL says: "In response to ghost stories of economic doom and gloom, we invite you to celebrate the festival of witches and ghouls with a bit of fun. SSL is proud to offer you 'X-Orcism', our free Halloween plug-in. Feed in your voice and you will be transformed into the voice of Halloween itself... be afraid, be very afraid."

Each controller controls one of the multieffects. Its not quite clear what the controls do exactly. However, there is no manual...
'input gain' : dry/wet knob
'echoes' : feedback amount of a tape style echo
'the howling': wind noise generator
'wailing' : vibrato (kind of?)
'tombverb' : dark, muddy reverb
'ghoul' : pitchshifter (with formant shifting?)

As said I like the sound, the plugins concept is creative and makes a refreshing difference in the domain of free, average-joe-minimoogs and commercial, super-serious studio tools.

The backside of the story is the cpu consumption. If the plugin would use 1/4 cpu ressources it should be placed among the other freeware kings.
If you look at manual and presets there are none. IMHO this is not a big problem for such a small plugin.

Above all, I recommend downloading this gem and try for yourself.