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Reviewed By X2 [read all by] on August 25th, 2013
Version reviewed: 3.5 on Windows.
Last edited by X2 on 25th August 2013.

Tried all other emulations apart from UAD, very similar to liquid mix emulation and smooth as any other as well dynamically, but where it really shines is the VU meter and the screw for frequency calibration. For the money it is the best Iv'e bought yet so its my favorite go to for a native LA2A. Problem is there is now a very good freeware alternative (VBL limiter) that gives most of the others a run for their money so to speak as its free but only 32-bit, but Im not complaining..

GUI - 10/10.

SOUND - 10/10.

EASE OF USE - 10/10.


(Perhaps it sounds like Im sucking cakewalks arse but it ticks all the right boxes for me, especially since the pro channel version is available at the press of a button, forgot to mention that I factored that in as well which it also has over other emulations, try on drums before an FET based compressor, I know its the wrong way around but its the sound that matters!).

Reviewed By X2 [read all by] on July 31st, 2013
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows

Smooth gate, excellent interaction with compressors, smooth saturation algorithms and very snappy multiband dynamics with upward and downward compression modes available. EQ is both musical and clinical and sounds crystal clear even in the high frequencies. Can handle about any audio problem thrown at it and works extremely well as a certain "well" known channel strip that comes to mind. Only gripes are processor hit and comb filtering can occur in hosts with no latency compensation due to the parallel mix dial, but considering the cost and the multi functional options available as standard within all of voxengo products I think its my now go to channel strip. Let downs are minimal such as implementation of side chain filtering could work better but with the additional clipping you can get some extreme coloration and harmonics throughout the audio chain. The best thing about voxengo FX is that they never seem to crash at all, so another one for the collection. It took a while to really appreciate it as I first thought just another multiband channel strip, but it offers so much more when you really delve into it so there goes Voxformer for sale. Another place for improvement could be a more characterful EQ that offers modes reminiscent of EQ's from various "Classic hardware", but then again Mr Vaneev is well known for making his own variations that can only be described as Unique, always look forward to his new releases and cant wait for his analog flux suite to be upgraded.

Reviewed By X2 [read all by] on January 17th, 2013
Version reviewed: vista on Windows

When I tried this Synthesizer I was looking for A cheap DX7 replicant and after trying this I was blown away by the sound and play ability of the the 512 old school presets - I mean old style detroit house and the likes. The sound is quality is nothing short of amazing, the screens are piss easy accessible and its one of the Easiest FM synths I have ever had to try!!. I wrote to the bloke asking for a key style security system and he wrote back within a day and changed it to key file instead of online authorization. The Support gets 10 out of 10 alone. great customer serevice as well. The synth produces every kind of FM sound you can think of and the effects are Immaculate. This is one of those synths that are easily overlooked by the 29 euro price but be not deceived, this is one of those Syntheziser's that has too long gone under the radar so Im here to tell people just how good I think it is...

User Interface _ 8/10 every parameter easily accessed and the Gui looks great

Sound wise - 9/10 very surprised especially with the 90 esque Detroit bass Patches

Presets - 512 of the most insane collection of old school nostalgic Vibes you could ever wish for.

Overall - 9/10 _

only let down by the fact that synths 10 times the cost of this have a few more features and pedigree heritage

but the sound is as close as ever and for 29 euro this is every FM synthesizers dream come true so what are you waiting for