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Electra2 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By quilys [read all by] on 2nd June 2018
Version reviewed: 2.6 on Windows.
Last edited by quilys on 3rd June 2018.
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♦ The Tone2 Electra2 is the sound designer's dream! It is probably the most complete synth I've ever seen. Four layers of synths, with three oscillators, two filters, four LFOs, four EG's, an ARP/Step Sequencer, an insert Fx on each layer, plus a master Fx slot. So, imagine stacking the four layers one on top of the other, and get a beast of twelve oscillators, eight Filters, four Independent ARPs/Step sequencers, four FXs, and a master FX on top of that! Wow.

♦ There are tons of synths out here these days, and which you gravitate to will really depend on how you like to work and your personal taste.Me, I like something that sounds great, is powerful, but no too complicated to use, tweak, and navigate. Electra2 hits each of those desires with ease. You don't have to be a scientist to use this synth and get a great sound, and to me that's a really powerful quality to have in a synth.

♦ Fourteen different type of synthesis can be used on any layer and/or oscillators. Pressing the Init button in the third row of main general interface will give you a drop down menu with all types of synthesis, allowing you to set it for all three oscillators at once. Later you can change that on any individual oscillator. We have almost all known old and modern synthesis modes along with one new unique one that Tone 2 added for this synthesizer: a Noise/Fractal mode. We even have good-old PWM and physical modeling for concocting some interesting hybrids between acoustic instruments and synthesized ones. Add to that the ability to import samples or to resynthesize wave and you have pretty powerful beast, especially considering that Electra 2 is very CPU friendly even with all four layers at work using different synthesis models, samples, vocoder or any other effect.

♦ This is a very powerful workhorse synth, with a distinctive fat, modern & creamy sound and a great palette of well-designed presets. There are all the synthesis modes that you can imagine, powerful sampler suitable for synthesis and a great array of implemented effects with dual fatty analog–digital filters. Add to that the user-friendly price, and you've got a summer-spring winner. It is not the power of different elements that makes this synthesizer so special; it is the unique character that can bring something new into your production, no matter how many synths or sounds you already have. We don't need just another synthesizer, we need something warm & fresh. And this one is definitively a modern, creamy, fat, analog & fresh sounding beast .

Goliath [read all reviews]
Reviewed By quilys [read all by] on 3rd March 2018
Version reviewed: 7 Pro on Windows
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Excellent sweet, creamy, fat, analog, valvular, heaven cotton sound, the best tape compression I tried in years, superb.

Mixcraft Recording Studio [read all reviews]
Reviewed By quilys [read all by] on 2nd April 2017
Version reviewed: 7.7 on Windows.
Last edited by quilys on 2nd April 2017.
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Los Angeles, California 4/2/2017.

I run Cubase Elements 8 on my computer along with Mixcraft Pro Studio 7. I cannot BELIEVE how much more intuitive the Mixcraft software is. I spent 4 hours taking lessons on Cubase and I'm just getting my first tracks laid down. I was able to figure out the Mixcraft Pro software in less than an hour and cannot get over how powerful and simple it is to use. I come from the old 4-track cassette tape crowd and worked my way up to a Tascam 8-track digital recorder to record music on my Kurzweil/Yamaha/Roland synthesizer rig. The last time I owned midi/DAW software was back when I was running a 486 computer and a SoundBlaster Live card. I recently replaced my almost 15-year old laptop with a new top-of-the-line Windows 10 gaming computer and using my Yamaha mixer as a DAC and a USB 4-channel MIDI box, am getting remarkable results with the Mixcraft software. The built-in effects generators and Virtual Instruments selection are WAY more than you should be getting at this price point.

Most of the sounds I'm using right now are coming off my synths, since I've had them for a long time and own a lot of sound software. However, the MIDI options Mixcraft affords me opens up my sound options quite a bit, especially when it comes to equalization and compression.

It's a fun piece of software, and you can create music using soundclips right out of the box if all you want to do is lay a background music track to a Youtube video. I would absolutely recommend this software for a home user and will confirm that it runs perfect on a new Windows 10 computer.

UPDATE (December 7, 2016): Mixcraft just announced that they will be releasing Pro Studio 8 in a few weeks. Don't buy this version unless you want to buy and download it directly from their website, which includes a free upgrade to version 8 when it's released. Version 7 is about to become obsolete.

UPDATE 2 (January 27, 2017): Mixcraft has released Pro Studio 8. Instead of getting a free upgrade for Version 7, which I only purchased in November, 2016, I was invited to "upgrade" to Pro Studio 8 for $40. I wasn't happy about it (seems like they were a bit misleading about the free upgrades for Version 7 users) but I went ahead and did it anyway. Between Versions 7 and 8, I think 7 is a better package. I've been having plugin issues with Version 8 that don't happen in 7, particularly with Waves Audio plugins. The bugs need to be worked out of Mixcraft Pro Studio 8 before I'm going to be enthusiastic about its fairly minimal improvements over Version 7.

There aren't many DAW's like this one on the market. I'm very pleased with its performance, and I would highly recommend it to any musician, whether they are operating on a budget or not.

In terms of quality software this has been on par with "Reaper" for stability but way more fun use with instant gratification just minutes away if you have some experience with this kind of software.

Compare to Sonic Foundry ACID or Fruity Loops, for loop features. Compare to Samplitude, Pro Tools (lite versions), Sonar, Cockos Federation Reaper (great but heavily technical and unintuitive) for multitrack approach, Mixing methodology, Sub-mixing etc.

-All in One Composer, Looper, Multitrack package
-Very Stable.

- Under my Intel i7 based on Windows 7 Pro, 48 tracks w Fx all over, Ominsphere + Falcon + Dune 2 + several Sylenth1, and my system is around 54%, amazing performance !!!!!
-Large Included downloadable instrument library of all popular music genres.

- A breeze to use, compose and mix, BEST DAW !! for that money.
-Familiar, but really user friendly where it counts
-Create music on your PC even without fancy grown-up recording hardware or physical instrumentation.

-An the most important thing... • The sound is kick ass

- Keyboard arrow-key support for micro adjustment of numerous filtering options such as plug ins, or the mixer features. Instead, uses a lot of rotary knob types of controls adjustable by mouse only - MIDI control to a physical mixer avoids this inconvenience.