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Reviewed By frthib [read all by] on October 7th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by frthib on 7th October 2021.

One of the best emulation of the first generation 5150 by peavey... The UI is minimalist and straight to the point.. The tone, and most important, feel, is like playing any great 5150 in a studio somewhere and listening back in the control room..

There is a dual IR loader with the basic console EQ you would expect to find.

There is 4 pedals included, a TS808 with handpicked chip, a precision drive, a HM-2 and a 33 clean boost pedal.

It stands very well when compared to any great modern recent ampsim, there wasn't any that modeled every aspect of the amp (channels, knobs, saturation).

I've heard it will evolve quite a bit with time based pedals and more intuitive speaker simulation..

The major point is Kazrog is an expert when it comes to any kind of distortion / saturation aspect and this is the fruit of 2 years of intense research and comparision to the next-gen competitors... If he released it he knows this brings something new to the amp simulator market..

It can be CPU intensive if you use too much oversampling, the performance level is about average with any top tier simulator.

Reviewed By frthib [read all by] on January 11th, 2018
Version reviewed: on Windows.
Last edited by frthib on 11th January 2018.

Easily competes with the paid software offerings in terms of user interface and ease of getting great sounds.. Pretty dummy proof, just remember to use an impulse after the VST (Ignite amp Nadir is a great impulse loader). No power amp sim, but you can use TPA-1 for a true emulated one or a Impulse file who was captured with one. You will be missing the poweramp saturation though. Reacts very well to overdrives placed before.

You can make professionnal sounding songs with this. No excuses ;)

great product. Love it. Great price (free!).