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Reviewed By hseiken [read all by] on December 20th, 2004
Version reviewed: 2.1 on Windows
I must say that this is a deceptive little VST. You wouldn't think this thing with so few knobs could make such a wide variety of sounds, but it does. Are they always useful? Not all the time. This is obviously a synth made for IDM and general experimentation if used in other electronic genre's. My only complaints are that there is evidently a filter keytracking that is not controllable...so sometimes you may have a REALLY nice sounding low key but pushing a high key won't sound ANYTHING like the low key...I also think that filter is a bit misleading as it sounds closer to an FM effect. Another problem I run into with this VST is that if you have the filter knob on anywhere except at 100%, you can hear the original sound 'buzzing' in the background, which makes the sound almost...glitchy...like it's made of a sample and it wasn't trimmed right before the loop.

Anyway, I keep this one around and do get some use out of it sometimes. With effects stacked on it, it can get pretty nasty. The random knob is REALLY nice and it can suprise you with some of the sounds it makes.

It's a nice synth, very simple and easy on the CPU, but it's obviously not for everyone. Give it a go if you're into something different.
Reviewed By hseiken [read all by] on December 19th, 2004
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows.
Last edited by hseiken on 19th December 2004.
This has to be THE best sounding pure synthesized drum VST I've used. Just going by it's sound, CPU load and interface you wouldn't think that this was a SynthEdit creation by ANY means (when was the last time you had a very nice and useful graph-based envelope editor from a SynthEdit creation?).

So far, this beast has been able to make any sound I'm going for; smooth and chilled or rough and tumble. As well, it's possible to make some of the punchiest drums this side of your speakers. I've tried quite a few so-called drum synths out there (pretty much all the free ones available) and compared to this, they sound like a cheap Casio keyboard.

What's really interesting and provides a great increase to the types of sound you can get out of this baby are the lofi bitcrushing filters and the fact that there ARE multiple filters (low/band/hi) that aid you in getting the exact sounds you want. To say this thing jams would be an understatement. In every style of music I've applied this machine to, it quickly made fast friends with it, fitting in with the mix just nicely...electro, drum and bass, house...it doesn't matter in the least. Not to mention if you make a nice snare or hihat you want to mix with another kit, it allows you to save/load individual drum part settings instead of having to write down all the peramaters of whatever part of whatever kit you want to use. Very nice.

There's a couple of drawbacks, though. Most notibly is it's use of multi track outs. There's not an option to select the number of tracks you want it to use up; it automatically creates 6, even if you route all parts of the kit to one out, which makes for an unecessarily messy mixer if your host uses that format (i.e. Orion). The second major gripe is the fact that velocity when programming a sequence for it controls nothing more than the volume of whatever part of the kit you trigger. A little more expression when changing velocities would be very nice. The only way around this is to make soft and hard versions of the kick and snare and to do this, you must omit the toms (which, personally, i rarely use toms in my electronic music).

Minor gripes include the fact that you cannot separate the oscillators used for a drum part from each other spacially, such as setting the 'metal' pan to the right and 'noise' pan to the left. It's also not possible to fine tune some of the kick/snare/tom tone modulation too well since the values it can have are so wide, which means sometimes you have to settle for either less or more than you want. It's rare this happens, but it does.

These are extremely minor gripes and I encourage everyone who loves designing their drums from the ground up rather than taking samples and mangling and trying to make them into something else, or those who just want a good solid drum machine should definately download this amazing piece of SynthEdit magic. And to those who think SynthEdit can't do anything worthwhile, just imagine you didn't see the name anywhere in here. You'll be happy with this thing too.

I knocked the docs rating because it doesn't come with any (not that you'll need them if you know your basic synth functions). Presets are set low because they dont' by any stretch show the full capabilities hidden within.