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Reviewed By eem [read all by] on November 9th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
I thought organized trio was really good, but this version blows it out of the water! Now VB3 1.0 had limited adjustments to the rotary which sounded good if not a little too far away in the room for my taste. Now mic distance and such can be adjusted to your liking. I have tried all the organ sims out there. I actually own B4II, but I will probably buy this because I think it sounds better. The overdrive is much nicer, though at the last 1/4 turn of the knob the drive suddenly jumps to extreme. I think the velocity keyclick is really authentic and really brings it to life. It is the closest I've felt to playing the real thing. It's, warm, it's ballsy, the rotary sim is excellent, maybe the best I've heard. It even has other electric organ tonewheels like b4 does. The spring reverb is great. The tonewheel level scaling parameter is a great idea; I wish more plugins would do this. I dig the authentic rotary brake.
The user interface could be more attractive, but I really don't care. The upper manual is on the left though, unlike a real b3 which puts the lower manual on the left.
The plugin seems stable. I never got any crashes. Some parameters can zipper a bit, but none of the ones you would use realtime.
My only requests on the dream list would be a little complicated:
1: Alternate tube overdrive simulations and/or item 3.
2: Alternate rotary cabinets (but really, the stock one sounds better to me than any of b4II's)
3: A way to run an insert effect between the raw tonewheel and the rotary without running multiple instances (I know, nearly impossible but I love running effects pre-leslie).
4: Tonewheel motor kill effect. Just for every once in a while.
Bottom Line: This plugin is really affordable and best in class against all the other more expensive ones. Organized is the best free organ and VB3 is now the best commercial one.