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140 Special Presets For TAL-Mod - On Sale This Week

Special Sale - No code needed

"Power of Sound" Presets for TAL-Mod.

TAL-Mod is an exciting new virtual analog synthesizer.
It offers 3 oscillators with saw, pulse, triangle and sine waveforms and almost unlimited modulation capabilities.
What makes TAL-Mod so interesting is its ability to have an old school analog feel, while offering some modern complexities that give it a sound all its own.
"Power of Sound" has been designed to seriously push Tal-Mod to the next level of sonic explorations.

Like some of our other soundsets for Omnisphere 2 and Repro-5, we took TAL-Mod into territory not covered by any other soundset or factory presets.
The sounds are deep and the programming complex, visual and provocative.
We think you will agree, "Power of Sound" is an exotic blend of sounds and styles.

The categories include:


The set includes 140 presets.
The presets feature Tal-Mods extensive modulation capabilities.
A broad range of electronic styles are included including presets for Electronic, Film, Ambient, Pop, Dub, Retro, Chill, Game, more...

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