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Albion Colossus - Win one of two copies with KVR Audio

Albion Colossus is the brand new library from Spitfire Audio, designed to create epic and intense scores. The sound palette on offer provides every element needed to seamlessly transport your scores from quiet suspense and tension, through to the most dramatic and epic of soundworlds.

Featuring two complete orchestras, chamber and symphonic, heavy chugging guitars, a diverse, hard-hitting set of percussion and drum kits, and epic synths, Albion Colossus is expertly crafted for ultra-modern scoring. All-new features including Scale, Depth and Hype allow for expressive control to help you build intensity and push sounds even further.

Colossus contains a whopping 265,670 WAV files weighing in at 105.33GB Compressed (251.51 Non-compressed). It features 147 Combined Techniques, including 293 techniques split over Scale mode.

KVR and Spitfire Audio are teaming up for the month of February, 2023 to give you the opportunity to win one of two copies of Albion Colossus.

The competition closes February 28, 2023 with winners being announced shortly afterwards.

Click here to enter!

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