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See AmpliTube (with iRig PRE for acoustic guitar and an Oktava studio-quality microphone) used with great apps like Audiobus (of course), Loopy HD, and DM1 drum machine in this great how-to video. Watch how we can loop and layer an acoustic guitar as well as how you can use MIDI sync to sync DM1 drums with your AmpliTube guitar tracks. This is how easy it is to connect AmpliTube with other apps that are compatible with Audiobus.

Use AmpliTube with other iOS audio apps in real-time, how to use AmpliTube as input, effect, or output with Audiobus and connect your iOS audio apps! See all these apps in action with real-time effect manipulation, recording, real guitar and bass (with iRig, iRig HD, iRig PRE), synths controlled with iRig KEYS and more.

AmpliTube for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now Audiobus compatible. Audiobus is a groundbreaking new app (developed by A Tasty Pixel in cooperation with Audanika) that allows users to connect the audio of multiple apps, opening up countless new sonic possibilities. For example Audiobus lets users send audio out of one app, filter it through the next one in the chain, and receive it in the third. A synth could be looped by a looper and its output sent to a recorder; or an electric piano could be run through a guitar multi-FX app and then into a sampler — all in real time.

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