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Atmospheric Hues for Pigments

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Pigments has a plethora of features which include:
Two engines in parallel
Virtual Analog triple osc engine
Complex Wavetable engine
Powerful effects
Advanced modulation system.

This makes it capable of some very complex programming.
Because of this we made "Atmospheric Hues", a soundset that explores the deeper side of Arturia Pigments.

"Atmospheric Hues" is a library of Atmospheres, Pads, Arps, Leads, Bass, etc.
The MAIN focus is complex Atmospheres and lush Pads.
Considerable time when into the programming of each preset.
Every preset includes deeply programmed instruments that take advantage of the capabilities that Pigments has to offer.

In fact, many of the Atmospheres are so rich and deeply programmed that they stand up when used singularly in a musical composition.

In other words, all the FX, modulation, automation, etc of each patch makes it capable to use a single preset as a complete musical piece.