Chord-O-mat 2 is a Max for Live Device for Ableton Live.
It is a Chord-Library, Chord-Player with an integrated Sequencer.

Chord-O-Mat is designed to explore chords and progressions, get a Point to start a song, Play live.

Features of Chord-O-Mat 2:

More than 40 Scales.

All Scales from Push 1 + 2.

Scale Collection from Tobi Hunke.

Shows all Chords from the selected Scale.

Automatically maps all chords to your Keyboard, so you're able to Trigger a chord with one key.

create Custom Chord Sets and save them.

make Chord Progressions with your MIDIclips.

clear User Interface.


a Sequencer with Hardware Integration (a Template for MIDIfighter Twister is included).

Swing Mode.

"Perfomance Keys".

min. System Requirements: Ableton Live 9.6 / Max for Live 7.3.