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Doug Woods (The Sound Test Room)) Introducing the Free Zvon Slapstick Kits for FAC Drumkit

The samples are a selection from my monthly Patreon reward packs 26 and 27, the Slapstick Packs. Source of the samples is a classic slapstick 1949 short movie that is in the Public Domain.

This is an edit I made from a longer video Doug published on his channel. Visit The Sound Test Room YouTube channel to watch the full video and many, many other videos he created. Many thanks to Doug for making the original video.

The free kits are on Patchstorage.


Join my Patreon and help support me for as little as $1 a month and get exclusive content not available on my website or elsewhere, like the full 184 samples included in Packs 26 and 27.



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