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GuitarTempus Virtual Guitar VST VST3 Audio Unit EXS24 Kontakt: Acoustic (Nylon, 6 & 12 Steel String) Semi Acoustic Hollow Body and Electric 'Clean' Guitars

GuitarTempus is a virtual guitar designed to emulate the acoustic (nylon, six and twelve steel string), semi acoustic (hollow body) and electric 'clean' guitars.


  • Quick selector to change between the following guitars:
  1. Nylon String Acoustic Guitar.
  2. Steel String Acoustic Guitar.
  3. Twelve String Acoustic Guitar.
  4. Semi Acoustic (Hollow Body) Electric Guitar.
  5. Electric Guitar Clean Warm.
  6. Electric Guitar Clean Smooth.
  7. Electric Guitar Clean Shimmer.
  8. Electric Guitar Subtle Overdrive-Vibrato.
  9. Jazz Electric Guitar Shiny.
  10. Jazz Electric Guitar Smooth.
  • Low Frequency Oscillator with modulation rate and depth plus switchable waveform and selectable modulation source to modulation destination combo boxes.
  • ADSR envelope generator.
  • Filter Section.
  • Reverb built-in.
  • Pitch Bend.
  • Amplitude range parameters to control the loudness.
  • MIDI CC Automation.
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