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Magnus Choir VST VST3 Audio Unit Plugins for Windows and macOS. Overview: All 54 Instrument Preset Sounds Demo. Also available in Kontakt (.nki) and EXS24 (.exs) Sample Libraries

Magnus Choir is a virtual instrument which can be used to create natural and synthetic choirs. The male and female choruses combine to form a mixed choir, featuring the classic SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) structure: women sing soprano and alto, while men sing tenor and bass. Versatile to generate a wide spectrum of choirs, vocal textures, choral pads and voices with modulation capabilities for a new level of realism in digital sound creation. Available as plugin in VST 32-bit and 64-bit and VST3 64-bit versions for Windows as well as in Audio Unit, VST and VST3 for macOS. Also available in EXS24 and Kontakt Sample Libraries.


• 54 Preset Sounds ready to use, including a vast array of natural and synthetic sounds, from Oohs, Aahs, men and women in mixed choirs to the celestial choir of angels, reso pads, dark atmos, creepy voices, ambient ghostly and birdsong effects, as well as cinematic and soundscapes.

01.- Abbey Ghost 00:00.

02.- Ad Infinitum Formant 00:13.

03.- Ad Libitum Chorale 00:43.

04.- Aeternus Lux Lucis 01:08.

05.- Alchemical Signals 01:38.

06.- Angelic Vox 02:03.

07.- Angels Between Us 02:17.

08.- Apocalyptic Chamber 02:37.

09.- Astral Singers 03:04.

10.- Aurum Vox Pad 03:30.

11.- Birds Sonic Sweep 03:47.

12.- Caelestis Kingdom 04:01.

13.- Celestial Choir 04:34.

14.- Choral Ensemble 04:58.

15.- Choralis Pad 05:17.

16.- Cinematic Padilius 05:41.

17.- Cosmic Odyssey Voice 06:19.

18.- Cryogenic Dimension 06:46.

19.- Dark Cantus 07:10.

20.- Digital Voice 07:24.

21.- Dystopian Chorus 07:31.

22.- Elves Land 08:08.

23.- Enchanted Goblins 08:23.

24.- Ethereal Voices 08:45.

25.- Guardians Of Limbo 09:17.

26.- Lost Souls In The Dark 09:34.

27.- Male & Female Aahs 09:53.

28.- Morph Dreams 10:41.

29.- Morphed Vowels 10:49.

30.- Mystical Vowels 10:58.

31.- Nebula Dark Atmos 11:06.

32.- Necromancer Summons 11:25.

33.- Neo Choir 11:40.

34.- Octave Aahs Choir 12:00.

35.- Octave Vox Pad 12:13.

36.- Oniric Sequences 12:23.

37.- Oohs Choir 12:45.

38.- Psychedelic Vox 13:12.

39.- Psychomanteum Reso 13:43.

40.- Quasy Spatial Voices 14:10.

41.- Relaxing Paradise 14:42.

42.- Restless Spirits 15:11.

43.- Sanctus Holy Chant 15:29.

44.- Sonorous Skies 15:42.

45.- SopranVox C4-C6 16:03.

46.- Spatiotemporal Atmos 16:12.

47.- Spectral Hell 16:55.

48.- Synthetic Chorus 17:02.

49.- Synthesized Vocals 17:25.

50.- Underworld Embryos 17:56.

51.- Vinyl Chorus 18:47.

52.- Voices In The Mist 19:11.

53.- Vowelled Soundscape 19:21.

54.- Vox Vocis Texture 19:39.

• Low Frequency Oscillator Section: These knobs apply modulation to the selected instrument. By using the LFO to modulate various aspects of the audio signal, you can apply effects such as vibrato or tremolo.
• ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters.
• Pitch Bend: The Pitch Bend knob directly changes the pitch of the selected instrument.
• Reverb built-in: provides a spaciousness and depth to simulate the sound reflections from walls, floors and ceilings following a sound created in an acoustically reflective environment. Small rooms can be modeled as well as large spaces.
• Filter Section: with filter type box for low pass filter and high pass filter.
• Amplitude Range Parameters: It controls the loudness, the way in which we perceive amplitude.The sensitivity level is set by the user.
• Panning potentiometer control.
• MIDI CC Automation: Implementation of MIDI Continuous Controller parameters for use with external hardware control via DAW.
• Best chior VST ideal for composers and sound designers to create ambience effects and music for films, documentaries, video games, choral pieces as well as new age music, with a clear user interface helps work intuitively, inviting to experiment creatively.