KVR MarketPlace Presents MixTheMusic

Jon Hillman
Director of Operations

Presenting MixTheMusic
Wednesday Mar 4 2020
4:00 pm Pacific at kvraudio.com/marketplace-presents

Mix The Music is a multitrack download store. Multitracks contain audio stems – drums, guitar, vocal, etc – from which your favorite music was made. Whether you're a fan, or working on your music production skills, it's a whole new way to explore the music you love.

Multitracks purchased from Mix The Music can be opened in the award-winning Studio One mixing software, provided for free with your account. Everything is pre-mixed and ready for you to dive in, so you don't need a background in mixing music. Check out our tutorials to get started.

Watch the Live Stream at kvraudio.com/marketplace/kvr-marketplace-presents-mixthemusic-with-jon-hillman

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