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NEW Korg Triton Preset Expansion For Triton VST Plugin With 40% Intro Special

VSP Expansion Library 1 For Korg Triton VST.

(Save 40% this week - here).

The Korg Triton was one of those synths that just looked cool.
The only thing that surpassed this was how it sounded.
When we think of vintage synths we generally don't think of sample based technology but there was some brilliance that went into how Korg Utilized samples in a world of limited storage that gave it a unique sound.

Well now we have the Triton VST with the original sound sources.
We are happy to announce the VSP "Expansion Library 1", the first in a series of expansions for the Korg Triton VST.

We designed this expansion to have a broad range of styles and sounds.
The presets include complex effect chains, modulators and a mixture of modern and vintage sounds.

The categories include:


Developers, Products, Tags: Vintage Synth Pads, Ambient TAL-U-NO-LX, Analog Dusk for Dune 3, Analog Heaven for Synapse Audio The Legend, Analog Is Best for TAL-BassLine-101, Arrakis for Dune 2, Atmospheric Hues for Arturia Pigments, Bass Expansion for MODO Bass, Bird of Flight for UVI Falcon, Blue Diamond for Omnisphere 2, Blue Moon for Roland JUNO-106 PLUG-OUT, Classic Pads for Roland Juno 106, Dark Star for U-he Repro-1/5, Depth of Field (for Diversion), Dream Works (for Zebra), Fibonacci for Omnisphere 2, Liquid Sounds for U-he Hive, Loquacious Symmetry for OMNISPHERE 2, Lush Life (for Lush101), Lyrical Electric for Omnisphere 2, Moog Memores (for Monark), Ovation (for Omnisphere), Piano Variations for Arturia Piano V, Prime Sonic Space - Impulse Responses, RAIN for Omnisphere 2, Red Box for Omnisphere, Rhythmical for Omnisphere 2.6, Righteous Rooms (for Trash 2), Sonic Boost (for Venom), Sonic Poetry for Oddity 2, The Muse (for Massive), Turquoise for Waves Flow Motion, Vibrant Colors (for Massive), Vintage Legend for Arturia CS80, Vintage Modern for Avenger, Vintage World for Diva, Visceral for Arturia Solina V, Warmer Days for Sylenth1, Wired for U-he Repro-1/5, X-11 (for Venom), X-Squared For Massive X, Zebras Dream in Color (for Zebra 2), Korg Triton, Presets for Korg Triton