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(Padshop) Granular Vocal Dreams - Phoenix Instrumental Demo

Granular Vocal Dreams sound set is an expansion pack for Steinberg's PadShop and PadShop Pro.

This expansion pack offers 125 presets for Steinberg's Padshop and Padshop Pro VST granular synthesizers. With 115 manipulated stereo samples, this expansion pack delivers vocal and choir presets that provides granular vocal pads, leads, human beatbox drum & percussion and musical FX soundscapes for sound designers.

Designed by Italian composer, sound designer and producer Marco Giardina, this sound set provides a pad scoring solution by using the Padshop audio engine.

Available as download only:

  • For Windows and Mac.
  • Click here to buy.
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We want to offer the best solution for you to find your sound. Listen to Granular Vocal Dreams expansion pack instrumental demos on our playlist.

Granular Vocal Dreams - Instrumental Demos