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Preface to Shadows (preset banks for SonicCharge's Permut8)

Magnus (...of Sonic Charge) is a genius. While Permut8 has been out for a good while, it still amazes. The way it was created is such that the interface can be used with various "firmware" banks loaded into it. Depending on those banks, the controls of the interface behave differently...and mangle the audio in very different ways from the standard firmware.

All of this info is on the Permut8 page: https://soniccharge.com/permut8.

As mentioned in the above video- Shadows, uses the standard firmware that comes with Permut8 as it pops up on your DAW. This is delay based stuff. You can get sounds that range from King Tubby to the Butthole Surfers out of Shadows. I will update this text with the proper link to the set once it is released. In the meantime, please feel free to pop by the shop and see if there is anything of interest to you;].


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