Heavenly Space for Waves H-Reverb

Waves H-Reverb has a unique approach to digital reverb.
It is categorized as an algorithmic FIR reverb based on Finite Impulse Response technology.
It has some characteristics never before heard in digital reverb effects.

"Heavenly Space" for Waves H-Reverb is a collection of over 150 professional quality presets that take advantage of H-Reverbs new approach to reverb.
Due to the complexity of H-Reverb, considerable time and effort has gone into the programming of "Heavenly Space".
We believe you will find some uniquely musical reverbs in this collection not available elsewhere.


Some of the categories include:

Guitar Verbs
Vocal Verbs
Synth Verbs
Drum Verbs
Reversed Verbs
Bionic Delays
Concerts Halls
Chorused Echoes
Chorused Verbs
Vintage Hardware
Modern Hardware
Drum Loop Verbs
Generative Delays
Lush Guitar Echoes
Piano Verbs
Tight Ambiances
Space Stations
Rolling Modulations

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