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REVERB - Cinematic and Ambient Piano Technique Using Reverberate 3 and Impulse Responses

Sculpted Space For LiquidSonics Reverberate 3

Library: Impulse Responses
Plus: Presets

Lush and Beautiful Reverbs.

Bi Directional Spaces.

Non Linear Spaces.


Includes Complex and Harmonic Spaces

A Library of completely unique Impulse Responses and presets, dramatically different from the included IRs that come with Reverberate 3.
Furthermore, we have already set them up as presets in Reverberate 3 to make using them very easy.
The Impulse Responses can be layered (2 layers) for a wide range of effects.
They can also be layered with the included Impulse Responses for a even wider range of possibility's.

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