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SampleTraxx "DANZA MACABRA" sound effects layering in Kontakt


330+ elements of custom sound design out of real instruments recorded with Barcus Berry contact mic, model 4000XL - Planar Wave.

Danza Macabra comes with eerie and suspenseful material out of cello and violin, glockenspiel, ethnic percussions, cymbals and toys, an upright piano performed by hitting the string with different objects better known as "string piano technique".

Danza Macabra delivers custom hits (mixed cello, violin, piano), cinematic accent, cello and violin getez, bow, scratch, tuning noises. Clock loops (ticking, pendolo, large wooden clock, designed clocks) designed glockenspiel and cymbals.

Load the WAV samples contained in Danza Macabra in your favorite sampler then stretch, pitch, granulize and create your own custom sound design for unexpected sonic results.