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Showcase: Chords + Retro beat - Eplex7 Klerphonik polyphonic plugin VST analog-emulated synthesizer

Eplex7 Klerphonik is polyphonic VST plugin synthesizer with virtual circuit emulation technology. Analog-emulated synthesizer with world's first time capsule technology. https://eplex7.com/klerphonik-polyphonic-analog-synthesizer/

A world novelty are the so-called time-slot capsules and init presets! What is it? As you probably know in case of real analog synthesizers, it happens that the same model sounds different not only piece by piece, but for example a 30-year synthesizer sounds different from the same model made a year ago. It is because many electronic components age / grow old and change their sound.

Thanks to time-slots, you have at your disposal like 6 different-sounding synthesizers in one! Thus, a wide range of sound colors. As different age or brand of used components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, transformers affect the sound, the time-slot capsules do the same – each time-capsule sounds differently, each has a different overall sound color, mid/treble color, different saturation level, boldness of sound, amount of higher harmonics, analog de-tunnig etc.

Another specialty is the 4D Dimension analog chorus / flanger and a 14-bit digital vintage stereo expander which sounds completely different from regular choruses. The digital 14-bit stereo expander, modeled on 80's devices, will also deliver original sound from early digital records and a very unique color / type of sound.

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