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Hear out what the SynthLady is saying: We've just started our Spring Sale.

We have the following discounts for our products until May 1:

  1. SynthMaster Player 70% OFF: $9
  2. SynthMaster Player iOS 50% OFF: $4.99
  3. SynthMaster One 50% OFF: $39
  4. SynthMaster One iOS 50% OFF: $9.99
  5. SynthMaster 40% OFF: $59
  6. SynthMaster+SynthMaster One Bundle 45% OFF: $69
  7. SynthMaster Everything Bundle 45% OFF: $209
  8. SynthMaster preset banks 40% OFF starting at $9

For those of you who purchase SynthMaster One or any SynthMaster Player expansion, SynthMaster Player will be free, so grab an expansion now! If you try out SynthMaster or SynthMaster One demos, you'll receive a further 10% OFF discount coupon. You can purchase our products at:

Stay safe and stay at home folks.

The KV331 Audio Team.