Warm Machines for Omnisphere 2.

We have been making soundsets for Omnisphere for many years.
"Warm Machines" is our 18th Omnisphere 2 soundset and a special one.

First, we got decided to make a large library of hardware synthesizers.

There are some great hardware synthesizers that have not made their way into Omnisphere until now (ie. DeepMind 12, Virus T2, Roland Integra 7 which includes the Jupiter-80, XV-5080 and many classic Roland synths, Blofeld, and more).
Furthermore, some of the classic synths in the Omnisphere factory presets were made many years ago.
Sample technology and digital recording as a whole have progressed considerably in the last 10 years.

We made a carefully crafted collection of some very cool hardware synthesizers using expert recording engineers and technology, we think the results show the difference.

We also took it a step further and added some of the best soft synths to the collection.
The results are a library that includes some great sounds from the Access Virus TI2, Deepmind 12, many Roland synths, Waldorf, Korg, and a large array of soft synths.

All these sounds were combined into a library for Omnisphere that brings sounds that are just not possible without this expansions.
On top of the new WAV library we design 117 presets which include a ton of Pads, Keys, Atmospheres, Arps and more.
Nearly every one of the 117 presets use the new hardware sample library.

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