Bassesland is a virtual bass that emulates a wide range of sounds of electric, acoustic and synthesizer basses.

The sounds ranging from several electric bass guitars, including harmonics, slides, slaps, muted, wah effect and fills, going by an upright acoustic double bass, an electro acoustic bass to synth bass emulations based on vintage synthesizer like ARP 2600, Clavia Nord Lead, Kawai K3, Korg 01/W, Minilogue, MS2000, Memorymoog, Micromoog 2090, Minimoog Model D, Little Phatty, Minitaur, Prodigy, System 55, Taurus Bass Pedal, Oberheim OB-Xa, OSC OSCar, Roland Juno-60, Juno-106, JX-3P, JX-8P, MC-909, TB-303 and Yamaha DX7.


  • Quick selector to switch between different preset sounds:
  1. Upright Acoustic Double Bass
  2. Upright Acoustic Double Bass (Pizzicato).
  3. Electro Acoustic Bass.
  4. Picked Electric Bass and Harmonics.
  5. Fingered Electric Bass and Harmonics.
  6. Fretless Electric Bass.
  7. Jazz Electric Bass.
  8. Funk Groove Electric Bass.
  9. Fuzz Overdrive Electric Bass.
  10. Wah Electric Bass.
  11. Muted Electric Bass.
  12. Slapped Electric Bass.
  13. Bass Slides.
  14. Bass Slides and Fills.
  15. ARP 2600 Bass.
  16. Clavia Nord Lead Acid Bass.
  17. Kawai K3 Reso Bass.
  18. Korg 01W Bass Suite.
  19. Korg 01W Xpress Bass.
  20. Korg Minilogue Dirty Bass.
  21. Korg MS2000 Synth Bass.
  22. Memorymoog Bass.
  23. Micromoog 2090 Bass.
  24. Minimoog Model D Bass.
  25. Moog Little Phatty MoogPerc.
  26. Moog Minitaur Reso Bass.
  27. Moog Prodigy Bass.
  28. Moog System 55 Modular Synth.
  29. Moog Taurus 1 Bass Pedal.
  30. Moog Taurus 2 Bass Pedal.
  31. Moog Taurus 3 Bass Pedal.
  32. Oberheim OB-Xa Buzz Bass.
  33. OSC OSCar Bass.
  34. Roland Juno-60 Sub-Bass.
  35. Roland Juno-106 Fat Bass.
  36. Roland JX-3P Juicy Funk.
  37. Roland JX-8P Synth Bass.
  38. Roland MC-909 Acid Bass.
  39. Roland TB-303 Bass Line.
  40. Yamaha DX7 Velo Bass.
  • Tremolo Section: Low frequency oscillator with rate, depth, switchable waveform and selectable modulation source to modulation destination.
  • ADSR envelope generator.
  • Filter section.
  • Pitch Bend.
  • Amplitude Range Parameters.
  • Reverb control.
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