ARKEON is the Media Composer's Cinematic Synth Toolkit.

ARKEON is available from (Currently on Limited Time 40% OFF Sale).

Arkeon is a Cinematic Synth Toolkit currently Containing over 206 master crafted preset programs for xfer SERUM v1.237+.

Arkeon 1.3 is available on Limited Time 40% OFF Discount or just $26.7 with a Free Upgrade to Version 2.0 which will bring a total of +700 high quality Multi-Synth Presets with expansions for: Diva, RePro 1-5, ZebraHZ, Massive X and Tal Uno-LX.

Designed as a fully featured Composer's Toolkit, Arkeon currently contains +206 Presets for Xfer Serum v1.237+ with Multi-Synth expansions coming soon for Diva, RePro 1-5, ZebraHZ, Massive X and Tal Uno-LX.

Arkeon offers a variety of sonic inspirations and a high level of easily accessed customizability. It includes a versatile selection of sound types, arranged in unique and useful combinations. It also offers a high level of customizability, easily accessible through Velocity, MOD and some unique usage of SERUM's Macros.

For the first time ever, Arkeon features +25 custom made Rhythmic and Melodic presets for the SERUM-FX plugin, allowing you to transform your sound sources and Kontakt instruments via MIDI notes, like never before.

Arkeon 1.3 comes with our popular, fully documented Logic Pro X Toolkit, which features 30 Advanced MIDI Transform Presets and custom Automation Lane Sets to supercharge your workflow. Cubase users also receive a custom Production Template for quick setup of our Serum+FX presets.

About This Video:

In this video we showcase one of Arkeon's most unique SFX presets in concert with External FX processing, via some of our favorite FX plugins including: Arturia's Rev Plate-140, Zynaptic Wormhole, Eventide Octavox and the wonderful Legend FX module from Synapse.

Arkeon comes with a numerous exotic SFX presets, which are extremely flexible. Ideal for Scoring Movies, Trailers, Games and Sound Design. As usual, MOD wheel and Macros tag along with velocity to give you dozens of timbres.

Make sure you watch the other videos for more exciting uses of Arkeon.

ARKEON is available from

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