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Tal Sampler - 5 Gigs of Atmospheres and Film Sample Library and Presets - Save $10 Today

The Atmosphere Vault for Tal-Sampler

"The Atmosphere Vault" has been a long evolving project.
First, we deeply sampled a large collection of hardware and software synths.
Sampling was done at 48 kHz and 24-bit.

All Atmospheres can be played chromatically.

We did this to avoid the "grainy" quality that lower resolution sample sets often suffer from.


One of the reasons we used Tal-Sampler was because, not only is it capable of multi-samples, it also allows for multi-layers. This powerful feature offers the ability to create some unique HQ sound design.

We looked into many of the available samplers but Tal-Sampler offered a broad range of features while keeping things simple for the user (samples and presets are embedded).

We designed each preset of this 5 gigabyte collection to have multiple controllers so that the sounds can morph and change musically.

The end result is a deeply visual and mood provoking collection of 70 atmospheres, well suited for film and ambient production.