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Sonoris Audio Engineering releases Sonoris Meter v2.0 for Windows
3rd November 2008

Sonoris Audio Engineering has announced the release of a VST version of Sonoris Meter v2.0 for Windows.

Sonoris MeterWith Sonoris Meter you can accurately measure peak and loudness levels of audio signals, at one scale. Besides a regular meter scale the Sonoris Meter supports the K-System, from Bob Katz, mastering engineer and founder of Digido mastering studio. The end product closely follows the K-system specifications, including Leq(A) loudness metering and band-limited pink noise monitor calibration.

The SMTR features an oversampling peak-meter mode. In this mode the SMTR catches intersample peaks that can cause ear fatiguing sound when audio is played on consumer CD players. Many CD players have inferior D/A converters with little headroom that will distort with samples above the clip level. These peaks occur when the audio is clipped (read squashed / limited) or otherwise digitally manipulated (e.g. VSTis). In oversampling mode the SMTR models the D/A conversion process and allows for maximizing the level but avoiding this distortion.

At the bottom of the interface a correlation meter can be found. This meter enables the user to monitor the phase relationship between the left and right channels.


Pricing & Availability

Priced at $125, Sonoris Meter v2.0 is available now for Windows as a VST effect plug-in. A Mac OS X version will follow.

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