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Meatscience releases Convolution Reverb AU and launches IRLibrary.org (Open Impulse Response Library)
20th August 2009

Meatscience has announced the release of Convolution Reverb AU, a new plug-in that, according to Meatscience, matches or exceeds Audio Ease's Altiverb 6 and Waves' IR-1 on accuracy and low-latency while offering similar performance on Intel-Macs - all at the much lower price of $50.

Convolution Reverb AUWith Convolution Reverb AU you can apply impulse responses to recreate the unique characteristics of real spaces, speaker cabs, classic amplifiers, stompboxes or experimental audio effects.

This plug-in coincides with the launch of irlibrary.org - an open IR repository for users to submit their impulse responses and download impulses from a well-organized, expansive library with server-side convolution allowing instant online preview with a variety of audio signals.

Convolution Reverb AU Features:

Pricing & Availability

Priced at $50, Convolution Reverb AU is available for Mac OS X 10.5+ running on Intel-Macs only. RTAS and VST ports are planned at some point.

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