Percussa releases Modulor - AudioCubes-Controlled Modular Sequencing Environment

26th October 2009

Percussa has announced the release of Modulor, a free application developed specifically for the Percussa AudioCubes hardware. It lets you record, loop, process and assemble musical information, to quickly develop musical ideas.The software works with your existing MIDI keyboard and controllers, professional audio interface (CoreAudio or ASIO) and virtual instruments (VSTi or AU).

ModulorModulor is one of the first applications capable of detecting and communicating with a network of AudioCubes wirelessly, through a single cabled AudioCube. Loops in the software can be easily put together by putting their physical representation together (AudioCubes). Powerful MIDI effects are available to process the recorded or live MIDI information.

Modulor is primarily intended to develop musical ideas, by recording initial loops and input from your favourite MIDI controller, and assembling and processing those using the AudioCubes hands-on hardware interface.


KVR Audio, Inc.