Roger Linn Design releases AdrenaLinn Sync Beta for Windows (Mac v2.0.3 & RTAS also released)

12th October 2010

Roger Linn Design recently updated the Mac version of AdrenaLinn Sync to version 2.0.3 and also released several beta versions for Windows - Beta 6 is the latest.

AdrenaLinn Sync v2 for Windows is a 32-bit plug-in that works in both VST and RTAS formats in Windows XP, Vista and 7. Like the Mac release version of AdrenaLinn Sync v2, the Windows beta version will run with no limitations for 14 days only. If you find that this beta version works fine in your system and wish to continue using it past the 14-day demo period, you are are welcome to buy an unlock code, which works for both the Mac and Windows versions.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 6 (released October 1, 2010):

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 5a (released September 22, 2010):

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 4 (released September 15, 2010):

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 3 (released September 11, 2010):

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 2 (released August 27, 2010):

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 1 (released August 24, 2010):

Mac Version 2.0.3 (released August 24, 2010):

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