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Roger Linn Design releases AdrenaLinn Sync Beta for Windows (Mac v2.0.3 & RTAS also released)

Roger Linn Design

Roger Linn Design recently updated the Mac version of AdrenaLinn Sync to version 2.0.3 and also released several beta versions for Windows - Beta 6 is the latest.

AdrenaLinn Sync v2 for Windows is a 32-bit plug-in that works in both VST and RTAS formats in Windows XP, Vista and 7. Like the Mac release version of AdrenaLinn Sync v2, the Windows beta version will run with no limitations for 14 days only. If you find that this beta version works fine in your system and wish to continue using it past the 14-day demo period, you are are welcome to buy an unlock code, which works for both the Mac and Windows versions.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 6 (released October 1, 2010):

  • Previously, if you edited any settings then selected a different preset, a warning dialog would appear warning you that you'll lose any edits to the current preset if you change presets. A number of customers said this was bothersome and unnecessary, so we removed it. Now if you edit a preset then change to a different preset, no warning is given and your edits will be lost.
  • In Pro Tools, in some cases the AdrenaLinn Sync V2 window will appear completely black. This is fixed.
  • With some sound cards and audio buffer settings, it was possible for AdrenaLinn Sync V2's timing to become erratic, and in some cases for AdrenaLinn Sync v2 to crash. This is fixed.
  • The LFO's Random Peak feature would cause erratic LFO modulation if the tempo was changed after selecting the preset. This is fixed.
  • If you saved a preset (using AdrenaLinn Sync v2's Save dialog) with a very long name, it was possible to crash AdrenaLinn Sync v2. This has been fixed.
  • AdrenaLinn Sync v2 would show up in the DAW's VST plug-in list as "AdrenaLinnSyncv2" (no spaces between the words). This is fixed.
  • In the Save dialog, the click regions for the "+10, +1, -1 and -10 buttons were slightly misaligned. This is fixed.
  • The following graphic LEDs on the panel will slightly misaligned: Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, and the 5 Wave LEDs. This has been fixed.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 5a (released September 22, 2010):

  • In some circumstances, AdrenaLinn Sync v2 would install OK but the factory presets would not appear. This is fixed.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 4 (released September 15, 2010):

  • A variety of low-level improvements were made in order to improve stability. This should correct a variety of problems that occurred only on some Windows computers, particularly 64-bit Windows systems.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 3 (released September 11, 2010):

  • It didn't run in Traction. This is fixed.
  • In Pro Tools, if you closed the AdrenaLinn Sync window then re-opened it, the panel would appear black. This is fixed.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 2 (released August 27, 2010):

  • AdrenaLinn Sync v2 didn't work in FL Studio. This has been fixed. Note: If you already installed 2.0.3 Beta 1, simply run this new installer. There is no need to uninstall the previous version.

Windows Version 2.0.3 Beta 1 (released August 24, 2010):

  • First release. VST and RTAS versions.

Mac Version 2.0.3 (released August 24, 2010):

  • RTAS plug-in format (for Pro Tools) is added.
  • In Logic 9, sometimes Logic would crash when AdrenaLinn Sync v2 was loaded or when its panel was opened. This is fixed.
  • If a preset was selected and edited, then ASync2's settings were saved as a preset from the host DAW (not from within AdrenaLinn Sync v2) and later reloaded, the AdrenaLinn Sync v2 panel would show the original unedited settings. This has been fixed.
  • If ASync2's settings were saved as a preset with a new name from the host DAW, then later reloaded, the Preset Name field in ASync2's Preset Name display would not show the name of the saved preset. Unfortunately it is impossible for a plug-in to receive the loaded preset name from the host DAW, so now whenever a host-saved preset is loaded, the Preset Name display on ASync2's panel shows "<Host preset>".
  • The pulsing LED in the LFO section would be off for negative output values of the LFO. Now, the LED is on for full positive output, half brightness for 0 output and off for full negative output.
  • If the Phasor filter type is used with high Resonance settings and the input signal contains a large amount of midrange, the filter could self-oscillate, corrected only by temporarily reducing Resonance to 0. This has been fixed.


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