AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.6

11th April 2011

AriesCode has updated AriesVerb to version 0.7.6, a cumulative bugfix release with a some new and improved features.

The preset handling and the program library got an overhaul and you can now organize your own presets alongside factory presets. Factory presets are now physically built into AriesVerb and immutable (on Mac, this has always been the case, but on Windows, this is new). User presets can be saved from within the AriesVerb UI and are stored in a user specific folder (%APPDATA% on Windows, ~/Library/Application Support on Mac). You don't need to memorize this location because there is a handy 'reveal'-button that will take you to the folder where your presets are. You can manually manage your own folder substructure there.

The UI layout was made a little more compact - the buttons to switch between editor and library have been removed from the front panel. They are now part of a general right-hand side bar, which is always visible. The editor navigation has also been moved into a more compact left-hand side bar.

The logic of the calculator was rewritten to be more in line with the way calculators are expected to work. It also got some new functions are a backspace button.

There is now mousewheel support for spinner controls, plus/minus buttons and the scroll lists in the program library.

And many, many bug fixes.

New presets:

Changes in v0.7.6:

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