Bluaudio updates D8Bridge MCU Emulator for D8B to v1.1

4th April 2012

Bluaudio has released version 1.1 of D8Bridge, software that converts your old Mackie D8B digital mixer into a modern, full-fledged DAW control surface.

D8Bridge communicates directly with your D8B mixer using its "Console Data" port via a custom serial cable. When a user touches a knob, a fader or a button, the software converts the commands into a more modern universal control protocol. This protocol is the "Mackie Control Universal" and it's compatible with most DAW software available on the market.

The Mackie Control hardware units have 9 faders total, 8 channels plus one master fader. To be able to use all of the D8B's 25 faders, they are emulating 3 complete units. It's like having 3 MCUs in one big box.

Changes and Updates in version 1.1:

For more information, please visit our web site: www.bluaudio.org/d8bridge

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