MolecularBytes updates AtomicReverb to v1.2

1st November 2013

MolecularBytes has updated the room- and reverb plug-in AtomicReverb for Mac (AU/VST2+3) and Windows (VST2+3) for both 32- and 64-bit.

Version 1.2 adds new features including performance- and quality improvements, A/B program comparison, "Easy" user-interface, skinning and more.

AtomicReverb provides configurable room- and reverb-processing for early reflections and reverberation (late-reverb) with maximum flexibility.

AtomicReverb give users all possibilities to create dense, smooth and natural reverb acoustic - from small chambers to large room-sounds throughout the entire spectrum. It provides over 170 different predefined early-reflection signatures, different tail algorithms, a 5-channel EQ, complex modulation and also gated tail length (used for percussive sounds).

AtomicReverb comes with 230 predefined factory presets which are designed to be modifiable using the new 'easy'/'one-page' user-interface.

New features:


User of earlier versions will get the update for free. A free trial version and user manuals will be available for download on the developer's website.

Price: 69€.

KVR Audio, Inc.