u-he releases Filterscape plug-in bundle

31st January 2005

Urs Heckmann / u-he has released the Filterscape AU plug-in bundle for MacOS X.

"Filterscape is a flexible sound bending plug-in. It's a parametric equalizer. It's a virtual analog filter. It's a delay effect. It's a modulation device. It's all at once - and more. It offers you the tools and flexibility to spice up your music in ways beyond imagination. Most of all, Filterscape is great fun to use and to listen to. It's addictive!"

Filterscape comes with two sister plug-ins - Filterscape VA, a virtual analog synthesizer based on Filterscape's modular architecture, and Filterscape Q6, a 6-band equalizer with dynamic capabilities.

All 3 plug-ins have in common the parametric equalizer that can smoothly blend between various curves with unprecedented modulation options. They all feature MIDI Learn capability, comfortable preset browsing, a Randomizer with adjustable impact and an ergonomic user interface.

Filterscape - flexible filter plug-in: [view screenshot]

Filterscape VA - virtual analog synthesizer: [view screenshot]

Filterscape Q6 - dynamic morphing 6-band equalizer: [view screenshot]

The Filterscape bundle is available initially for MacOS X as Audio Unit plug-ins for US$129. VST versions for MacOS X and Windows will be available in the future. Demo versions are available.

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