VirSyn releases CUBE 2

3rd May 2005

VirSyn today released CUBE 2. The main new feature is the ability to manipulate the analyzed sound spectra in a variety of musically useful ways - imagine for example drawing a comb filter structure freely into the spectrum - and you can do this not only in the sine spectrum, but also with the residual noise spectrum and the stereo panning.

The analyzer of CUBE 2 is much improved and now allows specialized algorithms for different types of sounds. This includes harmonic / inharmonic and noisy sound types. The new residual noise generator of CUBE 2 allows you to create evolving noise spectra in a way which was not possible before.

New features:

CUBE 2 costs €279 (plus upgrades from CUBE 1) and is available as a VST/AU instrument for Windows and Mac OS X. New demo versions are also available.

KVR Audio, Inc.