IMOXPLUS releases VLibrarian - Free Patch Librarian for Yamaha VL1 & VL7

2nd July 2017

IMOXPLUS has released VLibrarian, a free patch loader and organizer for Yamaha's VL1 and VL7. Creating and editing patches is part of another software IMOXPLUS is working on.

Main features:

Direct Downloads:

Video tutorial

IMOXPLUS provides software for the Yamaha Physical Modelling synths VL1, VL7, VL70m, synths with PLGVL cards and the EX5 (VL).

The VL-Wizard was released mid-2016. This is an advanced editor and librarian for the VL70m. But it also supports the EX5 (VL) and synths containing a PLG100/150-VL card. It allows you to create, edit, store and organise patches. A large patch library is included which gives you a kick-start for creating your own unique instruments. More details on the website of IMOXPLUS.

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