Triple Spiral Audio releases Pagan IV for Iris 2

13th January 2018

Triple Spiral Audio has announced the release of Pagan IV for Iris 2, the next installment in the Pagan series with a focus on the mystique and mysterious side of sound design (and with a bit more analog feeling). The soundset is aimed at composers and producers working on productions for film, games, TV and trailers.

Pagan IV contains 75 patches which are divided into Arps, Basses, Leads, Pads, Percussion and soundscapes. All the patches have the 8 macro controls assigned and the modwheel is most of the time assigned to the cutoff filter.

Pagan IV has an introduction price of €19.95 until the 26th of January and full price is €24.95.

During the introduction of the release of Pagan IV the Zodiac soundset for Iris 2 is on sale as well for €19.95.

Walkthrough video: YouTube.com/watch?v=Hn-7W-2ZJhQ

Audio demos: SoundCloud.com/triplespiralaudio/sets/pagan-iv

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