JSplash Apps releases Bass Tuner BT1 for Android and iOS devices

17th September 2018

JSplash Apps has released Bass Tuner BT1 1.0, an extremely accurate chromatic tuner for tuning bass instruments.

Bass Tuner BT1 is a specialized instrument tuner optimized for tuning low-frequency musical instruments. Tune any bass instrument (bass guitar, double bass, bassoon, bass clarinet, bass trombone, bass saxophone, cello, etc.) with this accurate and easy-to-use chromatic tuner. Bass Tuner BT1 also comes with a handy tone generator that plays any note as a reference for tuning.

Key Features:

Price: Free. Bass Tuner BT1 is supported by ads and is available for free for iOS and Android devices under the Music and Utility category. An ad-free pro version is also available for purchase.


KVR Audio, Inc.