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Arturia updates Synclavier V - Now with Resynthesis and Sampling
12th October 2018

Synclavier V Sampler

Arturia has updated Synclavier V to version 2.0. The new version now includes sampling capabilities and a resynthesis engine, alongside many other workflow enhancements and improvements for musicians, producers, and sound designers. Load in samples by simply dragging and dropping, and play them back with vintage digital grain and pitch scaling. Samples of up to 30 seconds can be imported and processed using Synclavier V's effects and routing, perfect for creating retro sampled keys and pitched-down pads.

Once a sample is loaded, with the touch of a button Synclavier V can now analyze the spectral content of the sample and - using a mixture of wavetable and FM synthesis - mimic the sound using resynthesis. Key points in the sample can be identified and manipulated manually to refine the synth patch, and then every parameter can be controlled using Synclavier V's powerful synth engine. A user can create entire instruments from just one sample.

Synclavier V Resynthesis Engine

Arturia's sound design team have been busy creating hundreds of new presets for you to enjoy in Synclavier V version 2, showing off some of the key new features to get you inspired. On top of that, the updated version includes a selection of the original New England Digital sample library files for that authentic touch.

Following feature requests and feedback from Synclavier V owners, Arturia's software developers have also integrated many subtle improvements to the interface and operation of the instrument.


Price: $149 - Synclavier V 2.0 is available as a free upgrade to all owners of Synclavier V, or Arturia's V Collection.

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