Sound Magic releases China Qin Trio - a bundle of Chinese Qin instruments including Guzheng, Guqin and Yangqin

28th August 2020

Sound Magic has released China Qin Trio, a VST / Audio Unit Plugin bundle of Chinese Qin instruments including Guzheng, Guqin and Yangqin.

Here's what they say:

This deeply sampled 18GB Library is the most detailed sampled Qin instruments ever. Guzheng features 3 microphone perspectives that can also easily convert to 5.1 surround. And by using the latest hybrid modeling technology, it can also represent glissando, vibrato, bending and harmonic more vivid than other sampled instrument. The playability from modeling technology enables it to change timbre real time during playing, and this gives the sound more varieties and expressive than sampled instrument. What is more, we also include different playing noise inside the library so it can achieve a result you cannot even differentiate from the real ones.

Intro Price: $169 until November 2020 (Reg. $269).

KVR Audio, Inc.