Projet Home Studio Launches The Training "Le Mixage Audio : Étape par Étape"

15th October 2020

Projet Home Studio has announced the launch of its training Le Mixage Audio: Étape par Étape (Mixing Audio: Step by Step) — which contains a total of almost 6 hours of video split into 11 chapters teaching you how to mix your own songs from A to Z.

Proposing a simple and structured method, this French-language training (level: beginner or intermediate) contains of course a theoretical part but is above all based on concrete practice, as it is centered around the mixing of an excerpt from a real song, step by step, instrument by instrument.

The following topics are therefore addressed:

Each part is illustrated with tips and techniques that can be applied to any
musical genre.

Founder of Projet Home Studio, Adrien Perinot says:

When I started mixing my own songs, my mixes were like drafts, they didn't sound like the pros and I was missing a true guiding tutorial to connect the various pieces of advice I was hearing here and there. This training "Le Mixage Audio: Étape par Étape" is simply the training that I wish I had received at that time, in order to learn mixing with a clear approach and an efficient method.

The training "Le Mixage Audio: Étape par Étape" is available as of today in three different editions:

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