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Projet Home Studio Launches The Training "Le Mixage Audio : Étape par Étape"

Projet Home Studio

Projet Home Studio has announced the launch of its training Le Mixage Audio: Étape par Étape (Mixing Audio: Step by Step) — which contains a total of almost 6 hours of video split into 11 chapters teaching you how to mix your own songs from A to Z.

Proposing a simple and structured method, this French-language training (level: beginner or intermediate) contains of course a theoretical part but is above all based on concrete practice, as it is centered around the mixing of an excerpt from a real song, step by step, instrument by instrument.

The following topics are therefore addressed:

  • Functioning of the DAW.
  • Tracks and session preparation.
  • Phase and gain staging management.
  • Eq and compression through practical cases.
  • Drums mixing.
  • Guitars and bass guitar mixing.
  • Vocals mixing.
  • And finally, 3D track positioning using reverb.

Each part is illustrated with tips and techniques that can be applied to any
musical genre.

Founder of Projet Home Studio, Adrien Perinot says:

When I started mixing my own songs, my mixes were like drafts, they didn't sound like the pros and I was missing a true guiding tutorial to connect the various pieces of advice I was hearing here and there. This training "Le Mixage Audio: Étape par Étape" is simply the training that I wish I had received at that time, in order to learn mixing with a clear approach and an efficient method.

The training "Le Mixage Audio: Étape par Étape" is available as of today in three different editions:

  • Basic (50€ until 10/29 then 80€) — the video training with the raw multitracks only;
  • Standard (70€ until 10/29 then 100€) — similar to the Basic edition, but also with a custom mix critique and access to a private Facebook group;
  • Pro (90€ until 10/29 then 120€) — similar to the Standard edition, but with an additional mix critique.


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