HoRNet Plugins releases SyncPressor - Tempo Sync Compressor

29th January 2021

HoRNet Plugins has announced the availability of SyncPressor, a compressor designed to sit on your master bus and be synced to the track tempo, for MacOS and Windows in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats (including Apple M1 support).

SyncPressor is a collaboration between HoRNet Plugins and Antonio Porcelli (Italian mixing engineer) and brings "glue" to the track using attack and release times that are always synced to the tempo, which can be from the DAW, manually set or auto detected.

Using this trick you get a compressor that always moves with your track and goes along with it to give the right "glue" effect.

SyncPressor offers many controls like feedback mode, RMS mode and a variable knee so it can be also used in tracks but shines on the master bus.


Price: 39,99€ at hornetplugins.com

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